Basics, If you are new to raids.

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Basics, If you are new to raids.

Post by Godly Artorias on Sat Jun 25, 2016 7:59 am

You can easily do raids, Mastery rank really doesn't matter.
For the most part, Raids are purely Crowd control.

You can have a Excalibur level 30 doing crowd control by blinding the enemy , simply make the Excalibur build have range.
Stretch mod and overextended mod (this mod is obtained from doing Vault runs from the Orokin derelict)

Essential Warframes for the raid are:

 Slow Nova, constantly slowing the enmy

 EV Trinity, constantly restoring energy for the team.

 Blessing Trinity or Oberon, constantly healing the team

 Blinding Mirage, constantly blinding the enemy

 Loki, Bomb carry/decoys              

 Vauvan, casting Bastille and keeping the enemy in stasis.

Other Warframes that can be useful:

Frost, deploying frost bubbles in key locations.

Valkyr, Going invincible and reviving downed team mates.

Banshee, she is super useful against the end boss fight. having a good banshee could end the fight with one well    placed bullet.  

I will post a better explanation of how the raids can be done in the future, but for now you can contact me ( Godly Artorias) for doing the Raid.

Other gamer tags will be posted as more Reapers are certified to run the raids. we will not be harsh on you, especially if it's your first time running the raids. we where there once, and we were lucky to have kind and understanding teachers.

JOEBLOW3800, SilentHeart, and  Dr.sterl taught me how to do the raids. I owe them Everything. So in a way, they taught us all.

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